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Among the risks were that the electronic bingo machines could be deemed illegal in Alabama. The elected district attorneys in the various circuits can continue to enforce the criminal laws there. Fambling felt the decision helped his position, but noted questions still lingered when he spoke to the Birmingham News:

King asked that Tyson, who is also district attorney for Mobile County, turn over all evidence collected by the task force. Troy king gambling was proud to have worked for him and to have called him a mentor and a friend. He added that the Alabama Supreme Court has not yet ruled on whether or where in the state bingo can be played on electronic machines. What surprised Getlin is how the NFL Players Association allowed Rubin to operate unchecked inthe union had established a financial advisers program to help protect players and their money. Forcing their closure with threats of massive warrantless raids after attempts to get a search warrant is denied by a judge is not such a process. And you guys would probably enjoy it. Strange said the records show money from gambling interests getting to King's campaign through a series of transfers from one political action committee to another.

Troy Robin King (born August 22, ) is the former attorney general of the state of Alabama, King has insisted that although he objects to any form of gambling, Alabama has approved several constitutional amendments which have  Political party‎: ‎Republican. Attorney-General Troy King is calling for no additional raids on gambling operations in Alabama. He, instead, wants the matter settled in court and the. Troy King on Saturday posted a video on his law office's Facebook page Bob Riley formed an anti-gambling task force to investigate and raid.

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